Why Hog Riders Are the Most Funniest Troop In Clash of Clans.

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You first meet with the hog riders when you Reach the Town Hall 7,They are the most powerfull and worthy ground troops and easy to use them in wars.

Along with their AttACK speed and ability to jump over Walls They are the most funniest Troop in Coc.

We have collected some funny facts about them and thought that you might like them 🙂

1. THE Rider loves his Hog and They live together As a Best Friends , it sounds weird but Rider Loves the smell of his Hog ?.

2. Hogs are the only Animal In Hole Clash of Clans ?.

3. Do You Ever Noticed Hog Riders Doesn’t Have Nipples ?.

4. The hog riders are Extremely Powerfull But do you know They only have Fear of Witch’s Skeletons. ?

5. The Hammer of Hog Riders Are used in Thor And by Battle Machine , ? quite funny but hog rider’s hammer has a too much core strength which helps them to take down defenses quickly.

6. According to Research Hog Riders Are the Easiest Troop To use In Wars Or Trophy pushing. ?Do you used the hog riders yet ?

7. Mostly Like the Barbarians They belongs to the Warriors Background and that’s why they are always ready for the fight.. Its kind a Respect they gives to their Loved ones those are no more . ?
That’s it, we hope you enjoyed these facts and now you will use them in your raids?..

Don’t forget to share these facts with your frinds let them also know about these facts ?.

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