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When Town Hall 12 is Coming Out? Here’s the Town Hall 12 News and Updates

When Town Hall 12 is Coming Out?
Written by Yash Patel

When Town Hall 12 is Coming Out?

Many People’s are Searching for When Town Hall 12 is Coming? Then here’s the answer. We already publish article on Upcoming Town Hall 12 Troops and Updates.

Currently Supercell Dont Have any plans for announcing Town Hall 12 . The Reason is Clear That Not many players have Maxed out their Town Hall 11 Bases.. Only 30 to 35 percent have max Town Hall 11 in the Game..

This stats Tells us that Almost 60 Percent Clashers Have Rush Town hall 11 in the Game. So why Should Supercell Will Have to Bring town Hall 12 in the Game right now ?

When Town Hall 12 is Coming Out?

This is the Major thing Which Every Clasher is asking for , They want a New Permanent Troop in Main Village. As we got every troop in Builder Base is Came from Clash Royale with some minor Changes.

Clashers needs a good new strong troop which is not from any game and it should be available from lower Level Town Hall levels. Supercell is Trying their new troops in Some Limited Time events And the Best troop we got Till Now is again from Clash Royale.

You are right Guys we are talking About ICE WIZARD HE is simply awesome in both attack and defence. Supercell Definately has created some plans for him.

Lets See when will it Came. Will it be Elixir Troop Or Dark Elixir we dont know. But i think it will be Dark Elixir Troop For Sure.

Many of you Heared or Seen Pictures of 3rd Village Concept Created By A Youtuber Vov Voxon. He Had Cteated A Nice Concept For the Game. But Guys Again Again Giving you A holly molly News , check 10000 accounts banned by supercell.

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