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What is the Release Data of Town Hall 12? | Town Hall 12 News and Updates

Release Data of Town Hall 12
Written by Yash Patel

What is the Release Data of Town Hall 12?

If you are searching for Release date of town hall 12, then you are at right place. Here’s we write about release date of town hall 12 and upcoming news and updates of th12. 

There has been no official announcement about the release date of TH12.

And by the end of this year, it will be possible to comment on whether there exists a possibility of TH12 coming in 2019. (Though I can say it is highly unlikely)

Here are some reasons-:

1. Supercell at the moment is concerned that TH11 needs a lot of fine-tuning as it is still looking at new possibilities for Heroes and Troops For TH11.

2.Also, there may still be more additions to the troop levels, Hero levels, and, wall upgrades to also distinguish TH11s from TH10s. We see such upgrades from time to time.

3 .We have also seen that Supercell is working on bridging the gap between TH10s and TH11s. So at the moment, its focus is on improving what we have and not bringing in new things.

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4.Only a very small % of Players are MAX TH11s and awaiting TH12 eagerly. Whereas the rest of the players are completely involved at their respective TownHall Levels. TH8s, 9s and even 10s which constitute a majority of the active Players In Clash Of Clans, are working harder than ever to end the game. Supercell would not want to discourage these players to continue to play with same zeal by introducing a new TownHall Level. The reason for this as stated above is that these are the majority of the players playing the game actively right now.

5. From the introduction of Builder Base, we can tell that Supercell wants to give something to play for to the MAX TH11s. Thus they brought a whole new part of the game which is completely separated from the Home Village other than a couple of building upgrades.

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6. I can surely say that Builder Hall Level 8 will be Launched much Before TH12, so you know that is going to take some time.

7. One can also point to the fact that TH11s do not have any exclusive troops like Bowlers and Miners for TH10s. Thus maybe we have to first wait for some troops to be added at TH11.

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