The First Man To Represent “Clash of Clans” & Supercell Games in India Youtube Creator Day and in [U.S]

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The First Man To Represent “INDIA”in Clash of Clans [U.S] & Youtube Creator Day.

This is the story of a guy Who is making his Country Proud By Visting Many Youtube Events , Clash of Clans Tournaments and Also he is Soon Opening a Online Shoping Site for Clashers where Clashers will Buy many awesome coc /cr goodies, Tshirts etc.

Now lets check it out from Where this all has Started and why he is doing all this,

This is the Story of “SHASHANK SHARMA”.

Shashank Sharma is a Indian Youtuber,Blogger,Game Designer, Businessman,Indian Coc Developer,3d Drawing Designer and many more. 

shashank Sharma At youtube Creator Day 2017

Shashank Sharma lives In New Delhi India.Personally He belongs to A Interior Designer Family.. He Completed His Education From Australia. He is Very active on Social Media and visited many countries.

He LOVEd his father’s Business of Interior Designing But This was not his destiny.

Shashank Sharma in Australia

JOURNEY BEGINS,He started  playing Clash of Clans in 2013- 2014 as a normal noobie, then after some months he Got an Idea to Create a Youtube Channel “Clash of Clans India” and finally on 26 jan 2015 on Republic Day of INDIA he created his channel . 

On his channel he basically Shared some attcks strategies, Replys and about some servers but later on He decided to take one step Forward To advance Level.

Shashank with his Father

Clash of Clans India Showroom Owner

He is the First person in India to have a Showroom Of clash of Clans in Delhi where Coc Lovers Find Many awesome Goodies , caps , tshirts Of Clash of Clans at very Cheap Cost and the quality of Products Is extremely Awesome.

Coc india Showroom


He started to share his Ideas and creations which he Creates Himself. Supercell Liked his Imagination thoughts And some of his WISHLISTS ARE Accepted by Supercell.

Clan :

HE IS THE ONE OF THE oldest member of India ‘s Former Number 1 Clan ” Pune Warriors ” . Currently He has Town hall 9 and behalf of his low Townhall Still no Clan Ever Reject Him . 

Clash Royale :

HE is also a Very Good Clash royale Player. he has shared many awesome videos related to clash of clans and clash royale on His Channel. so We Cant Say that he Only Plays one Game And cant Do Anything if We gave him any online multiplayer Game.


HE knows almost Each and every best youtbers And clash of clans legends like :- Brandon, Simon tay, Molt,RaddicalRosh, Nikhil Prabhu, Galadon and many more Names Are in the list.

Kindheart Personality: 

He Has a Well settled Family Business, Still He do So much Charity For Girl’s Education, Hostels, Youtube Red, And he has his own hostel in Delhi. 

He always Help Every Clashers And Motivate Them ..

Main Mission :

His Main life Goal is To Make e a great Platform For upcoming New Clashers And his aim is to Rise India In gaming World As high As he can. he is doing Too Much Efforts.

Clasheveryday For “Mr. SHASHANK”.

We have Decided to Give Tribute to Every Clash of Clans Player Who is Doing too much Efforts For their Country, Their Players. 

SHASHANK Sir You Are the First Person whose Story Is Shared By us.

I hope You Guys Liked his Story ?

Plz Let us know In the Comments Section of Which Clasher’s Story You want. Let’s Respect Their Efforts And hardwork guys.

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