How To Use Pumpkin Barbarians & Giant Skeleton – Clash of Clans Guide.

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Hey Welcome Again To clasheveryday.com, In this post we will take a review on New Two Limited time troops “Pumpkin Barbarian”&”Giant Skeleton”. So Let’s Start today’s Session 🙂

As we all know it’s a Hallowe’en Week is going in Clash of Clans. And Supercell has recently announced and Hallowe’en event of Pumkin Barbarians and Giant Skeleton worth 250 Gems for each Town Hall players.

They Both has came from Clash Royale.  The best part is that they are available with good levels on Every town hall. BUT many of you don’t know the exact way to use them.

Pumpkin Barbarian

pumpkin Barbarian


They are just a upgraded version of Barbarians. The have a tiny armor of Pumpkin on their head .. they still alive if their armor was destroyed..

The main Cons: is their Low health Points. This is why you can’t use them alone in raids.. when specially you to pice 44 to 48 barbs with you… ?

Pros: Having A good Damage points Makes them to use For farming Raids specially to collect gold and elixir.


1. You can use them with 4 Giant Skeletons if you are a town hall 10 player.. Simply take 4 Giant skeletons And 48 Barbs along with archers and few wall breakers. Use them Like You Use (BARCH RAIDS)

2. If you are town hall 8 or 9 Yhen Ne sure to use them wisely with archers , wizzards and wall breakers along with some giants..

Well they are not good for wars in scoring 3 stars but they are good in terms of Farming. So Don’t use them in wars.


Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton

I just simply say i love them and they are awesome for loot…

They have a Good Hit points and Also a Nice Juicy Health. Their favourite Target is Defence .. same as Giants ?. But the Major thing with Then is Housing Space Of “20” its too much.


  • Town hall 10 player can take maximum 6,8 Giant Skeletons along with 48 Pumkin Barbarians and Some 30,40 archers.
  • IF You are town hall 9 or below i must suggest you to take 3 to 4 giant skeletons only with you along with barbarians , archers..(read here how to join Legend League Easily)

I am saying this Because this Hallowe’en event has came up when there is only 1 week Left for ending thr October Season and nobody wants to Deduct their Trophies.. .

It is extremely Impossible to score atleast one stars with Pumpkin Barbarians… Although I have no Idea About Giant skeletons bit it is still too much difficult…

So there is no fun for town Hall 11 and legend league players in this Hallowe’en week.. they Have to Sacrifice Their 250 Free gems lol.


So guys that’s all in today’s post .Please share your experience with pumpkin Barbarians and Giant Skeletons in The Comment Section Below.

Happy Hallowe’en Week guys , Share this Post as much as you Can Let’s Your Friends also Win Free 250 Gems ?….

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