5 Things SUPERCELL Given us what we wanted. Still There are some things left which [Every Clasher] Wants.

Thnx supercell for 5 things
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Hello guys! We are back with another Post. Today we will talk about 5 things supercell did as they promised us!

Thnx supercell for 5 things

Thankyou supercell


1.There were many requests for friendly challenges in builder base. They gave it recently, yet they gave it late. But they gave it to us as promised!

2.People were making requests for adding the “Online calculator” To see which people are online in the clan, it can be seen via friends but it shows on top too.

3.Improving social bar,People were telling that social bar is kinda useless. Bcs u can only visit or invite ur friends throuh that. And then supercell added online calculator and we can also watch their live attacks.

4.Improvments against enginnered bases. Engineered bases were ruining clan wars. That isnt illegal. But gives big Advantage. Supercell have improved matching . Not completely but they surely have improved. And they will keep improving it.

5.clan perks. People were telling to add clan perks for level 10+ clans.. the thing people were saying is that all levels above level 10 are useless. But supercell brought new perks for level 10+ clan. Not something great. Just badge changes. But they surely did!


1. The Major demand Is Clashers Wants i:e Both the Heroes are available During Upgradation.. Its the Main Problem Clashers are facing Because Without Heroes Its unfair to Take on Opponents Yet Not Everyone Have Many gems to spend on.

2. Walls Cost : The another clear demand about walls .. Walls made Clashers crazy to loot..The price post of Walls Are really Too Damm High . It surely need to be Reduced. ?

3. Finding Opponents in Legend League, It takes too much time to find an opponent after 5,700 cups. It is Very Irritating  and unusual.. So basically clasjers need from Supercell to Reduce time in finding opponents in Multiplayer Battles.(How to Find Easy Dead Bases in Clash of Clans)

4. 1 Gem Boost is currently given in Game during some special Events Like Christmas. It will be Great if Supercell provide us One Gem Boost in More Events or for some special weekends..

5. Accurate Attack System: Some times troops behave Just like they are mad . They attACK Those buildings which were too far from the near targets .. Specially in Builder Base. THE BATTLE MACHINE IS the best Example of this … Supercell Needs to Fix this issues to maintain the fun of Game.

SO guys these were the 5 things we wants. Clash of clans is a good game but nowdays its reducing its playera due too poor war match system and other issues they need to fix it as soon as possible…

IF you have read the whole post and agree with us please share this post as much as You can so supercell could see what we need from them ..


Thankyou for reading Plz comment down if You Need any other things in clash of clans. ?

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